Muscular Development Tips to Boost Volume

Dramatically Speed up Your Muscular Development

Getting really, really serious about the time that you spend in the gym training your muscles will dramatically improve your muscular development – giving you the edge and advantage you need to build the kind of physique you have always dreamed of.

Yes, “putting in the time in the salt mine” and just throwing weight around this way and that will inevitably help you pack on some lean muscle mass, but it won’t ever be focused, it won’t ever be defined, and it won’t ever be intentional.

When you’re serious about your muscular development and taking your body to the next level you have to get serious, have to get focused, and have to train on purpose.

Organize Your Training for Size up Front

When you are looking to increase your muscular development, it is of the utmost importance that you spend the majority of your time building big and strong muscles and not necessarily cut and defined muscles.

A lot of folks try to have their cake and eat it too, training for size AND definition – but never really getting much of either one. By instead focusing on building raw material to shape later down the line with your muscular development, you’ll be able to bulk up rather quickly and then chisel away with a more defined program later down the line.

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Increase Your Muscular Development Training Volume

To really help you take your body to the next level, and to increase the amount of muscular development you’re able to unleash, you want to dramatically improve and increase the amount of training volume you are utilizing.

Time and time again researchers recognize that high-volume workouts help to build muscular development by causing a cascade of biochemical releases throughout the body.

These releases trigger anabolic hormones (responsible for your muscular development), literally supercharging your body’s ability to create new muscle mass from the fuel that you provide it.

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Hit That Sweet Spot of Your Weight Range When Training to Improve Muscular Development

As a general rule, when you are focusing on poking up and improving your muscular development, you’ll want to work with about 80% of your one rep maximum – or an amount of weight that you can throw around for between eight and 12 repetitions before you feel really maxed out.

This will help you to push through the plateaus that sometimes plague less experienced bodybuilders and athletes, but it’s also going to help you develop endurance and strength while you are bulking up as well. This will help you in the later stages of your routine when you have to really go hard for extended amounts of time to chisel away at the muscles you have developed.

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Hammer Your Body from Every Angle

It is of the utmost importance that you hit your muscle groups from every conceivable angle, really overloading your central nervous system and recruiting as many muscle fibers as you possibly can.

This is the only way to trigger true muscular development as well as the only way to really define your muscles so that they look EXACTLY the way you want them to through your training routine.

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