Obtaining the Ultimate Bodybuilding Physique

Four Essentials to Creating the Perfect Bodybuilding Physique

If you are serious about creating the ultimate bodybuilding physique, the odds are pretty good that you already embraced the grind and fallen in love with multi-hour-long sessions in the gym – but you still may not be getting the kinds of results you were hoping for, especially if you’ve been at this game for a longer amount of time.

By taking advantage of the tips and tricks we include below, you will be able to dramatically improve your bodybuilding physique. These tips will help you really streamline your routine, improve your strength and endurance while packing on pounds of lean muscle mass, and give you the edge you need to win in competitions.

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Get Serious About Customizing Your Training Protocol

There is no out-of-the-box training protocol that is going to provide you with the ultimate bodybuilding physique, though you can use these cookie-cutter routines to inform your training protocol while you tweak and test different changes to give you the results you’re after.

You should spend at least three weeks testing a single tweak to your training protocol to see what kinds of results you can expect before making other adjustments to improve or speed up the results.

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Train for Proportion and Symmetry When Looking to Create the Ideal Bodybuilding Physique

It’s not only essential that you create some serious size when you want to compete as a bodybuilder but it’s also essential that you create real proportion and symmetry with all of the muscle groups in your body.

Look at the kind of body that Arnold Schwarzenegger was able to beat when he was winning every bodybuilding competition that he entered into. Proportion and size were the name of the game, but symmetry is what helped him to elevate above the rest of the competition.

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Improve Your Conditioning to Get Really Cut

If you want to shred your body of every ounce of fat to really accentuate the hard work and dedication that you put in to building your bodybuilding physique you’re going to need to improve your conditioning and fall in love with the repetition and monotony of conditioning.

Diet will get you down the road for sure, but pounding the pavement or crushing cardio is the only way to really shred while improving your conditioning to look your best in a competition.

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Shred Until You Get (at Least) a Six Pack Visible at All Times

You’ll know you’re ready for competition when you have a visible six pack at all times, but don’t underestimate just how challenging it’s going to be to get down to this low a level of body fat percentage.

You’ll want to start your contest prep at least three months out and embrace the grind for the three weeks leading up to the actual competition. These are going to be the most challenging when you’re hoping to create that true bodybuilding physique!

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