Why Am I Always Hungry? | Culprits of Bodybuilding Hunger

A lot of bodybuilders ask themselves, why am I always hungry? They aren’t sure what’s triggering their hunger and they want answers! Today, we’d like to share information about the link between constant hunger and bodybuilding. Our goal is to help you normalize your appetite as you train!

Why Am I Always Hungry? | Is Moderate Cardio the Culprit?

Sometimes, too much moderate-intensity cardio exercise triggers hunger in bodybuilders or other fitness buffs. Longer sessions of moderate cardio exercise may spark the production of a hormone which stimulates the appetite. This hormone is called ghrelin.

To tame your appetite, think about switching to high-intensity cardio. It doesn’t cause the same spike in ghrelin hormone production. Making changes to your training may be the key to keeping your appetite in check.

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Are You Getting Enough Protein?

Protein is important for bodybuilders. It fuels the development of their muscles! As a secondary benefit, it also helps them to feel fuller for longer. If you’re bodybuilding and your protein intake isn’t optimal, you may be experiencing more hunger as a result.

A lot of bodybuilders choose to supplement to get the protein that they need. There are excellent drink mix powders made with whey protein, and lots of other types of protein supplements (energy bars, supplement gels, etc.), all of which offer healthy fuel for muscles. If you want more protein without needing to get it through your meals, a supplement will be a smart option.

As well, a protein supplement for bodybuilders may quell your hunger.

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Consider Your Current Lifestyle

Also, dehydration is one reason why people tend to feel hungry constantly. Are you someone who tends to drink coffee all day and doesn't drink enough pure water? If so, your lack of hydration may be fueling your appetite. You may think you're hungry when you're thirsty instead!

Try to drink six to eight glasses of water daily and then see what happens with your appetite. As a bonus, having water in your stomach may trick your tummy into thinking that you've eaten!

Lack of sleep may also be a factor. When we don't sleep enough, our bodies go a bit haywire. Hormone shifts due to sleeplessness may lead to increases in appetite. So, be sure to get your eight hours or close to it. It will help a lot.

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Try Our Tips Today

Now that you know what triggers hunger in bodybuilders, you’ll know what to look out for. For example, you’ll be able to change from moderate to high-intensity cardio, monitor protein intake and consider sleep habits and hydration. It is possible to make changes which soothe nagging hunger!

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