How to Develop Motivating Cardio Workout Plans

Designing the Perfect Cardio Workout Plans

There’s nothing worse than having to pound the pavement day after day or slave away on a Stairmaster or treadmill in what feels like fitness purgatory, which is exactly why so many people abandon creating effective cardio workout plans just because they aren’t up for the inevitable grind.

Thankfully though, there are a number of different ways smart and savvy bodybuilders and athletes can generate the kind of results they are looking for from cardio without having to give up on hours and hours spent monotonously moving along on a treadmill or on the track. Using the tips and tricks included below you will be able to knock out perfect cardio workout plans to get the results you deserve without losing your mind along the way.

Let’s dive right in!

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Come up with Four Different Cardio Workout Plans and Programs to Move into and out of as Necessary

Monotony is why so many people abandon their cardio programs, and that is really easy to understand. Nobody wants to report to the track at the same time every day, run the same routine every day, and then only see middling results come from all of this boring and repetitive effort.

By creating at least four different cardio programs – each of them wildly different than the other – you’ll be able to change things up on the fly whenever you’re feeling worn out and beaten down, giving you the opportunity to recharge your motivation while also challenging your body in different ways. The results will reflect your improved outlook on cardio for sure.

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Be Really Strategic with the Timing of Your Workouts

If you absolutely dread the thought of jumping on the treadmill at the end of your traditional workout protocol, or if you just can’t imagine dragging yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn just to pound some pavement you’re going to want to stop trying to fight your natural tendencies and instead get more strategic with your cardio workout plans and timing to make cardio training almost inevitable.

Jump on the treadmill before your workout to warm up and you will feel like skipping it at the end of your routine. And instead of hitting the track bright and early every morning make it a part of your evening routine to relax, unwind, and almost meditate while you work out. It also helps you get to bed a lot easier, too!

Use this kind of strategic thinking when it comes to cardio workout plans and you’ll find everything just kind of falls into place.

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