Effective and Easy Triceps Exercises

If you want stronger, more attractive triceps, you'll benefit from learning some effective and easy triceps exercises! Today, we want to help you hone your triceps by sharing simple instructions for a couple of exercises which are proven winners.

First, let's share a fun fact about triceps. Did you know that they make up over seventy-five percent of the mass of your upper arms? When you perform triceps exercises, you'll be able to develop thicker muscles which give your whole arms the sculpted, strong look.

Now, let's look at two beloved exercises which help men and women to make the most of this part of their bodies…

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Perform Some Triceps Extensions

This classic and traditional exercise really works and you'll find that learning it is pretty simple and straightforward. To try it, stand with your left foot ahead of your right foot. Then, bend forward just a bit from the hips and keep your stomach muscles tucked in, in the direction of your spine. Next, put your left hand on your left upper leg. This will give you support for the next phase of your triceps exercises.

After you create a little support, move forward by holding a three to five-pound dumbbell until you have the right form, then you can increase the weight as needed. Hold it in your right hand. Once you do this, keep your elbow bent and pull your upper arm (right arm) up and then back. At the end of the move, the upper arm should be close to parallel with the floor.

Next, extend your arm outwards, behind you. Then, squeeze and hold. Once you've done this, bring your arm back to the first position. Perform fifteen repetitions per set and do three sets per workout.

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Try Some Overhead Presses

Some triceps exercises really help to build mass in this part of the body and one example is the Overhead Press. To perform this exercise, stand up as straight as you can. Make sure that your feet are a shoulder's width apart and that your knees are a bit bent.

Also, your stomach muscles should be pulled inwards.

Next, hold a three to five-pound dumbbell (one in each hand) at the height of your shoulders, again until you master the form, then increase the weight. Make sure that your palms are facing forward and that your elbows point downward. After you do this, press the dumbbells right over your shoulders, in a line with your body. The weight should just connect over the head. Also, keep your neck elongated and keep your shoulders down and relaxed.

To finish the move, lower the dumbbells back to the beginning position. Do three sets of fifteen repetitions.

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Try These Triceps Exercises Today

Hopefully, these two exercises will appeal to you. Both are well worth adding to your daily workout routine. Do both in one training session or alternate in order to keep things fresh and interesting. You'll find that both practical exercises go a long way towards giving you the toned triceps that you want.

As you build triceps strength, you will be able to do more sets and repetitions.

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