Tips on Training For a Half Marathon

If you want to access tips which will help you to train for a half marathon in the most efficient manner, you should know that you've come to the right place! Today, we're going to share some advice on training for a half marathon which will help you to condition your body and do your best during the competition.

Our tips on training for a half marathon are designed to empower you as an athlete. Proper training is crucial. Without the right conditioning, you may find that you're unable to compete on the level that you wish to.

Build a Strong Foundation Before Your Marathon

We recommend beginning training for a half marathon three months before the event. It takes time to build up fitness. When training happens this early, the body has time to adjust.

These races are challenging and require special preparation. If you can start fifteen weeks beforehand, it's optimal. However, anything around three months beforehand is a good schedule for training for a half marathon.

Begin by going for runs a few times a week. You should shoot for half an hour of running. We recommend doing these three training runs during the week and then running for longer once per weekend.

For example, your Saturday or Sunday run might be three miles in length. It's hard to complete a half marathon without this level of training.

During this early phase of training, you should focus your training on building your endurance. For example, once you've gotten used to your weekly running schedule, build on it by adding an extra mile and a half to each run. Give your body time to strengthen and adjust.

On alternate weeks, go back to the initial running schedule, in order to give your body a rest. Plan your marathon training schedule so that the longest runs happen a couple of weeks before the half marathon.

Every second week, add another mile and a half. Near the end of training for a half marathon, you should be able to walk or run thirteen or fourteen miles. Keep the alternate week runs shorter, such as three miles.

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Training For a Half Marathon Nutrition Advice

Training for a half marathon is also about nutrition. While training, make a point of consuming four hundred to six hundred calories. Consider this bigger breakfast to be nutritional training. It's all about ensuring that you have enough energy stored, without eating a super-heavy meal.

We think that cereal with one percent milk is a good choice. Oatmeal is also a fine option. Some people eat half bagels for breakfast, with a bit of one percent fat yogurt on top. Make sure to be consuming a healthy fat, such as avocados, fiber, and protein in order to give lasting energy during your run.

Now, you should consider overall daily calorie count while training for a half marathon. Use online calculators to figure out how many calories you should consume each day.

Then, move forward by multiplying this calorie count by 1.55. This is the factor that you should multiply by if you're doing light training. Intense training means multiplying the base number of calories per day by 1.9.

You can also use mobile apps such as MyFitnessPal to track your daily intake and macros

Hopefully, these tips on training for a half marathon will help you to do your best during this type of race.

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